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♥ he's my hero ♥


this is what's been troubling my mind for the last couple of days what's the correct way to write sunno)))? I'm asking you fellow few readers because I honestly dont have a clue! from my research numerous ways exist to spell it these are all the combinations I can think of at the moment there's probably a dozen more the stupid thing of course is that everything seems right sunno))) sunn o))) sunnO))) sunn O))) sunn 0))) sunn0))) ok!! whatever... I give up... :( this logo really doesnt help at all! and why all the band members are dressed like they're starring in The Blair Witch Project? playing the witch, eh?? now, that's something that I would give my deepest most original thought for an answer!! to close this tremendous post, I have to add that their name reminds me the greek word "σανό" which means "hay" in english (horse food in other words)! Sunn 0)))'s answer to kolk's great philosophical questions: THE EPIC FINGER b

do you feel lucky, punk?

yes, I always liked them but for another reason! A friend brought a new light in their music the day before yesterday! here we go again then... gang of four - anthrax.mp3 get completely deaf at full volume! some stuff are always great!! F.F.F.F.E.

duet emmo

Or so it seems Band Members: Bruce Gilbert Graham Lewis Daniel Miller (click the names to see whoiswho) A mute release from 1983 and re-release in 1992 An 80s album that doesnt sound like an 80s album at all. It sounds more like it came from the future! From 2000 onwards with a bunch of current electronic trends on its insides! The First Person.mp3 Magnificent!

Sehr Kosmich...

...translates into 10.50 minutes of sonic bliss from harmonia's Music Von Har m onia . Arguably is one of the best tracks ever written. Underground and backside sounds encircle like a passionate cosmic embrace this unique composition from earthling geniuses, Rother, Roedelius and Moebius. It's like the sound of a darkly night sky full of glittering stars. You haven't heard anything so threatening and vibrating at the same time. I am very happy because I finally found it year after year searching for it in records shops! There are so many stuff I want to say but its seems that I always stuck in the labyrinth of my thoughts and the poorness of my pathetic expression so this time I'll just say only one thing just one word and it's simply enough listen... sehr kosmisch.mp3