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another one

My holidays have begun (sort of) so I've got plenty of free time and nothing to do with it. Since my planned trip is still 10 days away and all my friends have gone in their holidays I have to find a way to fill all these hours. So here's another mix. This one is noisy at first and it doesn't go well with the hot weather not until the last 4 or 5 songs! Also I'm putting the playlists back on. no age - every artist needs a tragedy heavy winged - gruesome pillow talk sudden infant - somniphobia religious knives - the sun prurient - strict ideas cursillistas - drone (groan) koushik - lying in the sun fuck buttons - sweet love for planet earth dan deacon - follow you (pangea version) eden express - ocean samba (tristeza) beck - gamma ray the beach boys - heroes and villains mix

boring days

Here's a mix I did yesterday. I was really bored while doing it so I don't think it turned out any good. neon neon - raquel matthew dear - deserter dino felipe - working or not john maus - maniac ariel pink's haunted graffiti - oblivious peninsula chromatics - running up that hill billy idol - eyes without a face echo and the bunnymen - over the wall the chameleons (uk) - mad jack the dream academy - the edge of forever the psychedelic furs - pretty in pink pete wylie (the mighty whah!) - remember ariel pink's haunted graffiti - MTV'n' D&D young marble giants - searching for mr. right mix afterthought: I always find excuses to play john maus and ariel pink(twice!). Also in the photo the face of a friend appears out of the blue. It wasn't intended. If you ever see this...sorry dude! I just noticed (two days ago actually!)