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happy new year


plasticland - octopus shocking pinks -how am I not myself? black dice - kokomo ariel pink - witchhunt for world war III klaus doldinger, giorgio moroder - fantasia richard pinhas - xxxx "la vie san nom" john maus - pure rockets pram - the silk road sir richard bishop - canned goods and firearms earzumba - mentalidad de enemistad os brazas - pancho lopez os mutantes - o relogio the valerie project - the crypt stars of the lid - don't bother they're here mix


the caravelles - don't blow your cool moolah - crystal waters gary lucas and josef van wissem - if it doesn't fit thou must acquit anna karina - roller girl the dead c - the amm of punk rock the octopus project - bees bein' strugglin jeremy jay - airwalker the klf - elvis on the radio, steel guit m.i.a - paper planes magik markers - axis mundi oren ambarchi - trailing moss in mystic glow mix


pic by paperrad cloudland canyon - heilige scheibe (klojan) holy fuck - super inuit (live) moebius & plank - solar plexus harmonia - arabesque sun ra - china gates kiwako kaneda - volume tone tribes of neurot - meridian arp - fireflies on the water heldon - mvc ii vibracathedral orchestra - a natural fact tinderstics - city sickness mix


psychic ills - killer anemones - hurt a bit santogold - lights out chrisma - thank you john maus - do your best the glove - blues in drag holy shit - tokyo gamblers nini raviolette - indicateur dragueur spacemen 3 - revolution mix



I love these boots!

delia & gavin


Fleury-Joseph Crépin - Peinture sans titre tasos stamou - toy rock animal collective - peacebone dan deacon - the crystal cat the liars - houseclouds trans am - 4,738 regrets beck - dark star battles - ddiamondd devendra banhart - samba vexillographica gandalf - ladyfingers d.r. hooker - forge your own chains the dragons - food for thought april march - chick habbit king khan & the shrines - land of the freak welcome - with you with me caribou - desiree clinic - for the wars art fleury - defective heaven when in rome - the promise mix



red needled sea - not dead pere ubu - nonalignment pact the dragons - sandman wooden shjips - shrinking moon for you the beatles - helter skelter bill kouligas - no winds blow les rallizes denudes - romance of black grief lichens - sighns roy harper - bank of the dead andrew douglas rothbard - tempeste burning star core - the universe is designed to break your heart elliott smith - angel in the snow mix



Romance of the black grief

As I promised, finally the song is up! romance of the black grief.mp3 One of the most beatiful tunes ever existed.... we try so hard to find the next big thing in our lives that we forget that paradise lies in little things and that's the feeling you get from that song I wish I knew the lyrics but it's really unimportant.


<<<<< LRD >>>>>>


the dukes of stratosfear - what in the world? candie payne - i wish i could have loved you more poppy family - shadows on the wall buffalo springfield - broken arrow mark fry - song for wild moby grape - sitting by the window kula shaker - hey dude voice of the seven woods - second transition tomorrow - real life permanent dream the soft boys - positive vibrations the savage resurrection - someone's changing vibracathedral orchestra - magnetic burn jennifergentle - what did you say? le rallizes denudes - the night of the assassins wire - the 15th mix


63.09 - For R.

kammerflimmer kollektief - jinx (version) robots in disguise - boys mount vernon arts lab - the vauxhall labyrinth roedelius - jardin au fou/ rue fortune scott walker - big louise the rain parade - this can't be today lansing-dreiden - glass corridor 17 pygmies - by the sea astral social club - 1 gang of four - anthrax bardo pond - slug the liars - sailing to byzantium larry gus - girl, you've no failure smashing pumpkins - cherub rock mix


Arturo Bragaglia, Photodynamic Portrait of a Woman the liars - circle time religious knives - black bird boredoms - heart caribou - melody day spacemen 3 - the sound of confusion the flaming stars - like trash esg - ufo the smoke - you can't catch me the grails - more extinction sly and the family stone - advice isis - april fool baby grandmothers - someone is calling my name anexus quam - osmose II neneh cherry - manchild mix


maps - i will find u battles- omega man thee more shallows-freshman thesis larryguss-girl you re no failure unkle - chemistry low - dragonfly xiu xiu and larsen - little mouse of the favelas part 1 grandmaster flash and the furious five - white lines prince - darling nikki os zabroe - pega a voga cabeludo the monks - monk time barry adamson - the man with the golden arm gil scott-heron - the revolution will not be televised antibalas - beaten metal part 2

cosmic thing


sun ra - mu mombasa - kenia antibalas - beaten metal dalek - abandoned language thee more shallows - chrome cap taj mahal travellers - 2 jennifergentle - sex rituals for the dead ben frost - theory of machines bob desper - time is almost over the goslings - celestine mix


delia gonzalez & gavin russom - rise electroids - future tone droids - (do you have) the Force part 1 black devil disco club - no regrets amorphous androgynous - elysian feels richard pinhas - duncan idaho kraftwerk - tour de france ulrich schnauss - einfeld von sudenfed - fledermaus can't get enough fuyija & miyagi - ankle injuries tears for fears - mad world mix


geinoh yamashirogumi - kaneda battles - atlas andrew douglas rothbard - golden calf lichens - venor of agassou marble sheep - who should be trusted jazzkammer - abomination billy nicholls - feeling easy the focus group - albion festival report franco battiato - fenomenologia raymond scott - little miss echo amnesia - distortion boredoms - go bjork - earth intruders mix


robbie basho - song for the queen birchville cat motel - double cascade mini fantasy hijokaidan - viva angel ghost - caledonia inverz and one mile tar - dan arzachel - garden of earthly delight ashtray navigations - a skeleton wearing boots throbbing gristle - united xenis emputae travelling band - rapi intervallo ( a fairly free interpretation of an arvo part piece!) boris with michio kurihara - rainbow the groslings - golden stair theodore - no spring dorothy ashby - for some we loved mix


trans am - north east rising sun radio massacre international - seven sceptres for sephur panda bear - good girl/carrots cocorosie - japan john maus - and heaven turned to her weeping villa 21 - the dream guerre froide - mauve swell maps - blenheim shots ariel pink's haunted graffiti - helen holy shit - written all over your face big star - kanga roo mix

holy shit!


uton - taman sanan jalkeen 12 bernard xolotl - cometary waiting hiromichi sakamoto - elf dance boris with michio kurihara - starship narrator siloah - acid eagle the goslings - windowpane holger czukay, jah wobble, jaki liebezeit - full circle r.p.s. no.7 twink- moondog july - the way popol vuh - agnus dei the singer - heavy slow train moondog - pastoral linda perhacs - chimacum rain kemialliset ystavat - juppiter dom - edge of time mix


donegal by pavel zacek the mighty boosh - searching for the new sound continuous electric now - the wine of india the focus group - free psych & mirrors bibio - dyfi the modern playing mate - day by day jenny moss - hobbies the advisory circle - mind how you go feathers - ap(parenthe)-synthesis the staccatos - topaz marconi notaro - made in pb belbury poly - scarlet ceremony the sixth form - stained glass rainbow ffolly - goodbye bunalim - bunalim the deviants - deviation st ariel pink - somewhere in europe/hotpink! julian cope - bill drummond said the mighty boosh - the new sound mix

5x2 songs

panda bear - bros david daniell - sunfish jakob olausson - welcome traveller bridget st john - the curious crystals of unusual purity olvis - everything is energy cloudland canyon - coastal breathe el-g and charlene darling - au grand dam du jour gardenbox - pass over tim hecker - rainbow blood harmonia - walky-talky mix

1+10+1 songs

wand. and princess - isabelle fursaxa - moonlight sonata international harvester - there is no place pharaoh overlord - translantatic the velvet underground - lady godiva's operation kadura - oceanic element popi asteriadi/lakis pappas - another sunday gone leonard cohen - suzanne richard youngs - soon it will be fire bert jansch - magdalina's dance tom waits - rains on me family battle snake - lamber mix ***the first and last song should be played in as full volume as possible***


I decided to put down the majority of the posts in here at least for a while Furthermore, I'm too busy the last couple of weeks so no new posts I guess I'll be back soon but I don't know when There will be a mix though tomorrow...

cloudland canyon

I've been wanting to write a review about cloudland canyon's requiem der natur 2002-2004 for about a month now but I never came around it! Two reasons: a) the record is too good to be true. A slow hitter in my opinion. (is that a reason? huh?) b)I'm thinking of writing something about sex in order to get people to listen to this record because let's face it sex sells better than cosmic experiences in cyberspace or music (I think). At this point I should ask to myself "what the hell do you mean by the 'cosmic experiences in cyberspace', now? Are you completely and utterly nuts kolk?" To be honest it would be a)narcissistic or b)a case of a split personality to answer to myself! Okay, I lost it there for a few secs so back to our previous, extremely interesting discussion. The only problem the way I see it is that the record has nothing to do about sex (or orgasms) whatsoever so it's a difficult task that I have to somehow make true in order for

10 songs

six organs of admittance - torn by wolves comets on fire - lucifer's memory bardo pond - fc ii astral social club - untitled beach house - apple orchard feathers - tone poem bibio - the cranking house the owl service - fine horseman kadura - inner trance james blackshaw - o true believers mix ***I think this came out better than the previous one!***

12 songs

sinoia caves - naro way the liars - the other side of mt heart art grizzly bear - knife bardo pond - destroying angel boris - pink the black angel - bloohounds on my trail comets on fire - dogwood rust psychic ills - january rain mv & ee - sunshine girl xela - the gate josephine foster - der konig in thule feathers - skara brain mix