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donegal by pavel zacek the mighty boosh - searching for the new sound continuous electric now - the wine of india the focus group - free psych & mirrors bibio - dyfi the modern playing mate - day by day jenny moss - hobbies the advisory circle - mind how you go feathers - ap(parenthe)-synthesis the staccatos - topaz marconi notaro - made in pb belbury poly - scarlet ceremony the sixth form - stained glass rainbow ffolly - goodbye bunalim - bunalim the deviants - deviation st ariel pink - somewhere in europe/hotpink! julian cope - bill drummond said the mighty boosh - the new sound mix

5x2 songs

panda bear - bros david daniell - sunfish jakob olausson - welcome traveller bridget st john - the curious crystals of unusual purity olvis - everything is energy cloudland canyon - coastal breathe el-g and charlene darling - au grand dam du jour gardenbox - pass over tim hecker - rainbow blood harmonia - walky-talky mix

1+10+1 songs

wand. and princess - isabelle fursaxa - moonlight sonata international harvester - there is no place pharaoh overlord - translantatic the velvet underground - lady godiva's operation kadura - oceanic element popi asteriadi/lakis pappas - another sunday gone leonard cohen - suzanne richard youngs - soon it will be fire bert jansch - magdalina's dance tom waits - rains on me family battle snake - lamber mix ***the first and last song should be played in as full volume as possible***


I decided to put down the majority of the posts in here at least for a while Furthermore, I'm too busy the last couple of weeks so no new posts I guess I'll be back soon but I don't know when There will be a mix though tomorrow...