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weird times...

...or whatever happened to claudine longet mix nino nardini - waltzing birds the west african rhythm brothers - we have it in africa nino rota - arrivederci roma/caracalla's /la bersagliera dorothy ashby - myself when young belbury poly - a year and a day black moth super rainbow - don't you want to be in a cult claudine longet - nothing to lose the advisory circle - fire, damp and air catherine ribeiro and the alpes - paix mix

Guest Mix#1

Black Sunshine Rainbow Narc Party In The Dirty Old Town with 1. Narc Party (Let's Make it Fucked-Up) FOOT VILLAGE 2. No Noise EYELESS IN GAZA 3. Metal Beat JOHN FOXX 4. Begleitung fur Tuba URSULA BOGNER 5. 1-3 THE LONDON UNDERGROUND 6. No Money= No Friend PIT ER PAT 7. Is He Handsome RINGS 8. Lament of the Gastropod CHRIS KNOX 9. Private Plane THOMAS LEER 10. Leaving the Light On BLANK DOGS 11. Die Musik vom Ölberg EROC 12. Rain On WOODS 13. Greetings from Novi Sad YUSSUF JERUSALEM 14. Shredders on Fry EAT SKULL 15. Weed Demon WAVVES 16. Queen of the Sea STEVE MIRO AND THE EYES 17. Black Sunshine KENNELMUS 18. Asiatic Dream BERNARD ESTARDY 19. Sketch for Summer THE DURUTTI COLUMN 20. Sick Bay Duvet PUMICE 21. Mouth Pacific ALVARIUS B 22. Don't Do Anything Illegal CHARLES MANSON 23. I've Been Over the Rainbow MORT GARSON & JACQUES WILSON 24. La Mer JAZZ BUTCHER 25. It's What You ‘ve Got PETE DELLO AND FRIENDS 26. Dirty Old Town CHAD AND JE

Clockwork Horoscope

When an album has a song which starts with the following lines... "This is going to be a year of great changes for you, Although they may not seem important to anyone else, To you they would be of supreme importance" ...then you don't have to do anything better than to believe it and it somehow becomes important! H ere's another jolly song straight from an ancient star }} A Great Day Out {{


e xile - population control harmonic 313 - arc light rustie - zigzag the samps - mashed skins hudson mo h awke - overnight flying lotus - gng bng dr who dat? - cosmic congo starkey - miracles zomby - rumors and revelation s >> mix

ο τεκές

The first time I've heard this song was in a tape compiled by a friend of my dad's, full of original forgotten and forbidden rembetika. They were called forbidden in my native language because most of them were telling tales of the underground, full of murder, violence, drugs, disease, obsession, prostitution, prison and poverty in using quite a bold and raw vocabulary. Something like the blues in a way. I was of course immediately smitten. Otan boukarw ston teke was written by Anestis Delias. He wrote few songs but utterly unique for the genre. He died from a heroine overdose in 1944. The second song is a cover probably the best ever made in a rembetiko in my opinion. It was released in 1982 by mousikes taxiarhies, a greek rock band and it can be found in their first album. Tekes is a greek slang word for a hashish den. >> anestis delias - otan boukarw ston teke >> mousikes taxiarhies - o tekes