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a small mix for larry

Enjoy my friend! quarq ft a line of cosmetics - lightworks in ways of dualism black dice - vegetable monsters at work - magic morning larry gus - loto mafam mort garson - i ching larry gus - friends with callisto harmonic 313 - kόln tonio rubio - royal shuffle no 1 the gaslamp killer ft gonjah sufi - a duet mix


cool new music stuff I like recently plus...somebody googled for it so I thought to make it easy for him/her >>Mashed skins ps I began to write a big post about this but I regretted it! The Samps are one part lead guitarman Cole Greif-Neill from Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

merriweather whatever....

I don't really get the "hate" reactions for the new Animal Collective album. I find it weirdest still that the majority of the criticism comes from techno music enthusiasts and they all write serious "lord of the rings" arguments like they are struggling to pass a university essay. Ok maybe merriweather post pavilion is a bit overrated, etc., etc. so what? Where were all this criticism and "bright" perception on music when miserable forgotten "great" albums and music genres ruled the heads and lists of savage elitist connoisseurs and supposedly valid music sites? To make my point short and simple, merriweather post pavilion is at least a truly enjoyable album in comparison to many boring shit that we had to endure listening as "great" all these years! And what about the argument "there is music and there is the "ON/OFF" button", eh? >>Idiots pasture