Sunday, January 21, 2007

cloudland canyon

I've been wanting to write a review about cloudland canyon's requiem der natur 2002-2004 for about a month now but I never came around it!
Two reasons:

a) the record is too good to be true. A slow hitter in my opinion. (is that a reason? huh?)

b)I'm thinking of writing something about sex in order to get people to listen to this record because let's face it sex sells better than cosmic experiences in cyberspace or music (I think). At this point I should ask to myself "what the hell do you mean by the 'cosmic experiences in cyberspace', now? Are you completely and utterly nuts kolk?" To be honest it would be a)narcissistic or b)a case of a split personality to answer to myself!

Okay, I lost it there for a few secs so back to our previous, extremely interesting discussion. The only problem the way I see it is that the record has nothing to do about sex (or orgasms) whatsoever so it's a difficult task that I have to somehow make true in order for my ambitious plan for the whole music community to listen to this record succeeds(that sounds a bit too far actually but I like sf what do you expect?). A sexy review about a requiem of nature! It kinda makes sense, in a weird way...hey, I can make a poem out of this...

c)Too much midnight thought doesn't necessarily mean clever conclusions or posts and c) shouldn't exist in the first place

so you have to do with a picture of the actual waterfall of cloudland canyon and this lovable treefrog that lives in the area and goes by the name of mr. Spring Tipper. Can you see the 'X' on his back btw?

oh, and clearlight intry.(mp3)

Monday, January 15, 2007

10 songs

six organs of admittance - torn by wolves
comets on fire - lucifer's memory
bardo pond - fc ii
astral social club - untitled
beach house - apple orchard
feathers - tone poem
bibio - the cranking house
the owl service - fine horseman
kadura - inner trance
james blackshaw - o true believers


***I think this came out better than the previous one!***

12 songs

sinoia caves - naro way
the liars - the other side of mt heart art
grizzly bear - knife
bardo pond - destroying angel
boris - pink
the black angel - bloohounds on my trail
comets on fire - dogwood rust
psychic ills - january rain
mv & ee - sunshine girl
xela - the gate
josephine foster - der konig in thule
feathers - skara brain